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aiPod’s Drift Routine in TheSLAPTrain Top 5 Drifts


I am not really a fan of TheSLAPTrain but it is cool to see the aiPod topdowgs in the top 5 this time with a really cool drift routine with overtaking’s and 360’s everywhere lol

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  1. Amazeballs to be a gain huge exposure like this from Slaptrain. He hasn’t done a top5/10 drift video for months, we upload a video for the first time pretty late in and get featured not just in top 5 but to be in 3rd place!

    Very honoured to receive such recognition! I’ve also been reading all the YouTube comments and only our team had shoutouts from others to be put in 1st or at least 2nd place! Thanks for all your support guys, we will keep up the good work! 🙂

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