Assetto Corsa | Drifting Pandem Style @ DA Short 👋🏼

She is coming along nicely, just trowing her around track a bit , just a test run nothing fancy but i got a little bit of that three wheelin action going on in a few corners. Not...

Assetto Corsa | Life on Transfăgărășan

Hope you guys enjoy this short montage of me and Senpai drifting together, having fun on the winding long touge roads of Transfăgărășan! Drifters:Lead - aiPod.Senpai Chase - aiPod.Junior Produced by aiPod.SwiitcherHD

aiPod Drifters Perform Reverse 270 in sync

Drifters: aiPod MartinAircraft and aiPod ManuelFlex To Join our Assetto Corsa Server, just search for "aiPod". Full name of the server is "aiPod Drift Server"

AE86 Ebisu Touge | Assetto Corsa | Tandem Drifting

This is the description of underpowered drifting. The AE86 is a very underpowered car, especially for this track. Lines took time to be near perfect to maintain a close gap between both drifters. The challenging part of...

Very Nice Skins BMW E30 M3 Drift

Cool drive by a parking lot where BMW E30's are parked using the skins we posted here! Very much apreciated the credits en video bromigo keep up the nice vids man :D

Assetto Corsa | When Bots Enter The Server

U have to love those bots they are a lot of fun but can also wreck havoc if there are many new guys on the server lol anyways they do make the drift servers a little more...

Assetto Corsa: Drift Edit 2: Tandems!

Just some clips put together for fun, didn't really try to make anything special! Thanks a lot to everyone who helped get clips, especially Cyberzero ;) Car with no name on it is me (aiPod.GuyWhoDrifts)

New line created by team aiPod Drifters

New line routine created by team aiPod Drifters. In order of drifters:aiPod.Senpai aiPod.Junior aiPod.CubVJ

Having fun with aiPod.GuyWHOdrifts and aiPod.Cyberzero

Small clip by guilleRust, trying to follow aiPod.GuyWHOdrifts and aiPod.Cyberzero ....

Assetto Corsa Montage With The Drift Team

Hope You Enjoyed The Video Thanks For Watching See You In The Next One ... Info Down Below People In The Video : aiPod.Replays : aiPod.GuyWhoDrifts : aiPod.BassaMWheel : Logitech G920 With The Logitech Shifter


Assetto Corsa | Lightweight Smoke Mod

Now you probably ask yourself, WHY? lol there are so many already. True, but since i got a old PC (8+ years old) it struggles a lot even with the default Assetto Corsa smoke set to maximum my FPS drop like crazy making it not driveable. My CPU Running at almost constant 100% and i was running 2x GTX 980 in SLI...

Assetto Corsa | Visual Upgrade Mod BMW E30 M3 Drift

Since Kunos did not even try to make the BMW E30 Drift version look like a real drift car and just used a stock body with physics changes only, i thought i put in my 5 cents for the ac drift community and made a visual upgrade mod that works online!! I did not add too much since i wanted  it so...


DTP Drift Mod Pack

What's New in Version v1 Released March 27Added new cars R35, Aristo, JZX110 Added D-Spec v3.0 Competition tyres to all carsRemoved full cage, Added half cage Redone some textures Fixed window bug (interior view) New Skins New engine, drivetrain and soundEngine reworked slightly Added skinning template New skins addedNew skins addedRim texture fix Engine and drivetrain swapped out...

AC FFB LUT settings G27/29 and DFGT

To be able to drift proper u need to set up your force feedback right. The following tutorial will explain how to do so, this is specifficly for G27/29 and DFGT steering wheels. This was originally posted by RasmusP on Racedepartment i did make slight adjustments to make it a little better for drifting. Below this post is a link to the...

LD2F Car Mod Pack

Backstory: After torturous amounts of testing, it was decided that we needed LODs for cars, in order to take the stress off of users computers when too many drivers were on. Frame drops, especially in VR, are, shall we say, not enjoyable. I do not have an ASCII barf emoticon.:&---*@!%$#!% (close enough)We hit up cheek0 (DTP), who was awesome <3 enough to...

SDC Car Mod Pack

SDC Car Mod Pack is one of the first drift mod packs i know of was made for Assetto Corsa some servers still seem to use these, so i thought i post them for those looking for it!SDC Toyota Altezza Drift SDC Nissan S14 Zenki Stock SDC Nissan S14 Zenki SDC Silvia PS13 Street Low SDC Silvia PS13 Rocket Bunny v2 ...