Assetto Corsa Montage With The Drift Team

Hope You Enjoyed The Video Thanks For Watching See You In The Next One ... Info Down Below People In The Video : aiPod.Replays : aiPod.GuyWhoDrifts : aiPod.BassaMWheel : Logitech G920 With The Logitech Shifter

Assetto Corsa Tandems

Nice video of some tandems and stuff .......Green/blue car ounpuu White following car - aiPod.Junior

Assetto Corsa Skin AE86 Drift | DRIFTWORKS DW86

Hey guys here is another skin by PoTatO dR!FT3R. This time it is for the Toyota AE86 Drift from the JAPANESE Pack DLC. Its a semi replica skin of the DRIFTWORKS DW86, ofcourse the Kuno's version of the AE86 does not really resemble the DW86 in any way lol but personally i just like the orange color and the black bumpers so...

AC Driftjunkies server info, rules and faq

IMPORTANT TRACK RULES You should follow!01. No ramming or blocking. 02. Yield to people already on the track. 03. Do not break others driftline. 04. Do not go against traffic flow. 05. Be respectfull in chat and on track. 06. Drifting only, no racing. 07. Do not chat or AFK while on the track.  Frequently asked questions:Q: Can I apply for Moderator or Admin? A: You don't...

SimHub, DIY Sim racing Dash

SimHub is a modular multi sim dashboard, You may compose your very own dash DashStudio is now compatible together with your favorite tablet, telephone, or USBD480 display screen (Z1, G drive LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY ..). Simhub is customisable! Most of the behaviours and shows could be custom-made utilizing GUI. Comply with all the Simhub news on facebook  Documentation and bug tracker  SimHub...

Assetto Corsa | Driver Workshop

Now includes Ben Collins AKA THE STIG Comes with PSD / 3D PSD / Textures UV / AO / NM and 3D files to enable full customization of the content!Special thanks to @A3DR for testing and screens Any questions please use the support page and I will reply to any bugs or issues .Place the driver_no_helmet.kn5 in this location SteamsteamappscommonassettocorsacontentdriverMeant for custom mods only...

Taking Over A Drift Noob How Its Done!

lol its really bad on assetto corsa public servers with new people that dont have a clue whatsover where they are going what they are doing lol i dont mind new people but some are like really clueless haha.Like they dont even look when entering the track and they just enter as fast as possible and crash before the...

AC Nissan Laurel C33 D-Spec “GREENMACHINE” Skin

Skin by PoTatO dR!FT3R for the Drift Workshop Nissan Laurel C33 D-Spec. Simpel skin not too many decals and stuf but i think it suits the car very nice. Included custom license plate, tirebomb (reworked version from my previous skin lol), white gauges, colored rims, darker headlight glass, blacked out rear lights and a new brake disc texture. Hope u...

AC BMW E30 Drift “DRiFTSKWiD” Skin

Fantasy livery by PoTatO dR!FT3R! Many parts retextured (no modification need to the 3D model). Hope u guys like it. There were quiet a few hours spend on it and its 4K quality mostly some decals might not be lol but it took so long to put them all on i was happy with what i had lol. Below some...

AC BMW e30 Drift – Project Car Skin

Came across a very cool missile skin that was publicly released by chargingcar. Got some nice custom stuff to it and is high quality!DOWNLOAD

AC BMW E30 Drift “DRiFTBOMBER” Missile Skin

The first skin i am sharing for Assetto Corsa. A missile skin since they are my favorite to make lol. It has matte colors, red headlights, black taillights, custom license plate and alot of rust lol. Hope u enjoy just drag and drop the assettocorsa folder inside the .rar file. Hope u enjoy :) !!!DOWNLOAD

Wheel Cam | BMW M3 E30 Drift/Tandem | Door Taps

aiPods bringing up for the first time on our channel; wheel cam video. We encountered some problems with the volume of the video, and now we know how to stay away from them in the next videos.