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Assetto Corsa | Lightweight Smoke Mod

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Now you probably ask yourself, WHY? lol there are so many already. True, but since i got a old PC (8+ years old) it struggles a lot even with the default Assetto Corsa smoke set to maximum my FPS drop like crazy making it not driveable. My CPU Running at almost constant 100% and i was running 2x GTX 980 in SLI but due to many issues i now run it on 1 GTX 980 with heavy overclock settings or i still can not run my 4 screens and Assetto Corsa on ultra settings on 60FPS with smoke on maximum settings lol

Another thing is i always have something to complain about with other smoke mods.

First thing and most important thing is that most smoke mods use larger or really large smoke_0.png image making things worse for me dropping even more frames.

Second thing is most times the smoke is so thick that when someone is like 150 meters in front of you then all off a sudden you find yourself driving into a thick wall of white and the road and/or other players are nowhere to be seen anymore because of it.

Third things is that sometimes its the other way around and there is just not enough smoke lol but that is not what i am looking for at all. I like a nice big trail of smoke really.

Fourth issue i am having is that many or most smoke mods are completely white, smoke is not just white there is at least also (blueish) grey in there as well!

Lightweight Smoke Mod For Assetto Corsa

So in this smoke mod i tried to make it as lightweight as possible but in order to find a good balance between all those factors, meant sacrifices had to be made for instance the original .png file is 113 Kb i downsized it to 8,02 Kb. The larger .png files witch show thick smoke is the biggest reason for the frame drops. Downside of this smaller file is that quality might be lost a little, personally i do not see much difference but thought i mention it anyways.

While thick smoke looks cool in replays, its also a big reason for frame drops, i tried to make it as thick as possible but still maintain some visibility (When there are 3 or 4 cars in front you can barely see something really, but you can see just enough i think lol)

Although this is a lightweight smoke mod it will drop some frames there is no way around too avoid that really, but i am now able to run it on my old raggedy rig lol. So hope this helps for any other people with older or mid end systems and/or (s)laptops!

Made the colors look more realistic but this could be further optimized maybe!

PS: while i was at it anyways  i also made the dust look more like actual dust instead of  the mud like effect it had by default settings!


Anyways you can just install it as a mod so u can activate it and when deactivated it reverts back to the original files you were using.

Using content manager u can click the CM automatic installation download button then go to >> ‘CONTENT’ >> “mods” >> select “Smoke Mod” >> click “enable” thats it!!
Smoke Mod Installation Content ManagerIf you do not use Content Manager you can use JSGME.exe (included in the download file) you only need to copy the content of the folder into Assetto Corsa main install directory so the structure should be assettocorsa/MODS placing the JSGME.exe in the assettocorsa folder and run it, the rest is the same like in content manager!



Please post a comment bad or good its always appreciated and if you have issues or whatever please let us know maybe we can sort things out!
ENJOY !!!!


  1. I pressed “automatic installation with cm” and can’t disable it. List of mods is empty, but it works. It’s look good, but I can’t see car(s) in front of me.
    Can you tell me, how to disable this mod without reinstall ac?)

  2. sorry for late reply in content manager go to “CONTENT” tab then select “MODS” and disable from there… If there is nothing in that list then put the JSGME.exe in assettocorsa install folder and run tun it u can probly disable it there .. again sorry for this late reply apologies ….


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