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Perform a normal 360 on Drift map

perform a normal 360 on Drift map

How do i perform a normal 360 on Drift map? There are many ways to do a 360, but it is very important to do a 360 in the same way as the other drifters in this group do it, so that in tandem it will look smooth, neat and tidy :P. The way me and Senpai do the normal line 360 is by doing the normal line and then swinging the car to force a spin. the clutch is then pressed immediately as it spins the other way and the gas is let go at the same time. The wheel is also turned to straight (0 degrees) and then two things happen VERY quickly.

NOTE! These instructions are ment for use with 900° of rotation for the wheel

1. BEFORE you get to 180 degrees (in terms of the car position), you turn the wheel slightly to the left, around 30-45 degrees left on the wheel rotation.

2. as soon as the car passes 180 degrees, you nudge the wheel about 10 degrees to the right FROM straight (which would be 0 degrees of course). Remember, during this whole time, you should be spinning very quickly and you should not be applying any gas and you have the clutched pressed all the way down.

3. once you have nudged right 10 degrees, you immediatelyt after that nudge when you pass 180 degrees of the car, then countersteer 360 degrees to the left from straight. So when you pass 180 degrees, you nudge 10 degrees right and immediately gently but relatively quickly rotate the wheel into the 360 degrees left countersteer angle.

4. DURING the 360 degrees left, your car will still be rotating and you will reach 270 degrees in the car rotation and it will continue but start to slow down.

5. you want the car to straighten out, wait, and then drift. do this FIRST, so that you practice controlling the 360 spin and learn to straighten out after. once you can do this comfortably, then you let go of the clutch and reapply gas at around 340-350 degrees in the rotation (i.e the point at which you reapply gas again and let go of the clutch is much later than most people think!)

With these 5 (hopefully relatively simple to understand) steps is the process to consistently do a 360, once you have achieved this, you will be able to learn more advanced 360 lines (such as inside 360, 720, even 270’s!)

Happy Drifting ^_^

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