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FFB Lut’s The Easy Way | G27/29 and DFGT


Ok there is another tutorial on this site wich explains how to set up your force feedback using LUT files, but it can be rather tricky for those that never usually edit ini files and might seem to be intimidating to actually having to edit the core files by hand. There for some people might mis out on this, but it seems to be working great for many people. For those left out there is good news because we can now make all the nescessary changes with content manager wich you obviously need for this tutorial. I recommand it even if you are not going to change the force feedback because it has way more funcionality then original launcher! Ok so enough of that lets get to it!

First thing to make sure before we start with anything is is that your Lochitech profiler has the right settings. The screenshot is in Dutch language but the only things u need to set are “Total effects strength” set it to 100% and make sure you tick “Use custom steeringwheel settings” (untick the combined pedals thing) and tick “Use special in game settings” and last tick “Grant game permission to make adjustments”.

Lochitech Game profiles settings

Next step is to download the LUT files and unpack the file in a place where you can easily find it again (you can also generate one yourself  but i tested everything i could generate or find really but these LUT files feel best imo!). Credits for the LUT files btw: RasmusP.

Always recommended is back up your current FFB settings by saving it as a preset and call it original or whatever you feel like lol.

So now open content manager and go to “SETTINGS” >> “ASSETTO CORSA” >> “CONTROLS” >> “FORCE FEEDBACK” and all you need to do is tick “Enable FFB post proccesing” wich reveals more settings. Change mode to LUT and then import the LUT from the downloaded file (personally is use the no “no clip stronger wich is recommended“). Now important is that the rest off the settings should be accactly the same like in the screenshot below. Only settings you can tinker with are the “effects” settings. The ones shown are my peronal preference! Now one thing left is to save the preset, call it LUT or something so you can switch between different profiles if you like!

Force Feedback LUT Settings

Thats it, now go ingame and try it out, hope it helps some of you and enjoy it as much as i do. Have fun guys.


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