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AC Driftjunkies server info, rules and faq

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IMPORTANT TRACK RULES You should follow!

01. No ramming or blocking.
02. Yield to people already on the track.
03. Do not break others driftline.
04. Do not go against traffic flow.
05. Be respectfull in chat and on track.
06. Drifting only, no racing.
07. Do not chat or AFK while on the track.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I apply for Moderator or Admin?
A: You don’t apply! You get chosen.

Q: Do you have a steam group?
A: We sure do – Assetto Corsa Driftjunkies.

Q: Why did I get banned?
A: Check the rules. If you did break any of them you will get a ban/timeout.
A: Bad behavior can get you kicked/banned.
A: Bad drifting means to be literally all over the place and messing people up.
A: Bad overtaking: overtaking as it is, is not prohibited, but getting with that in the way of others. Think about the rule that our servers are not meant for racing, but drifting. We drift for fun, not for speed, so you either overtake in a situation you think you can get clean past people or don’t do it.

Q:  Can i get unbanned?
A: Sometimes you can get banned for something you didn’t do. Mostly that will happen with our automated timeout system. The code was written by @hannes#6284 and can have issues, so please keep that in mind!
A: It is possible to get unbanned, but for that write to one of the @Admin in the discord channel. Tell them your point of view and try to explain it as best as possible. Keep in mind to get un banned you shouldn’t be a dick and literally write: “Why the fuck did i get banned? please unban!” If you are kind and ask to be forgiven maybe you will get unbanned even if you did something wrong. But! That depends on your attitude (in-game & out of the game).

Required cars to join the servers:

Driftjunkies 1
  • No additional mod or car pack required
  • Server quick link for content manager AC Driftjunkies
Driftjunkies 3
  • No additional mod or car pack required
  • Server quick link for content manager AC Driftjunkies #3
Driftjunkies 4



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