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Assetto Corsa Skin AE86 Drift | DRIFTWORKS DW86

Assetto Corsa Skin AE86 Drift | DRIFTWORKS DW86

Hey guys here is another skin by PoTatO dR!FT3R. This time it is for the Toyota AE86 Drift from the JAPANESE Pack DLC. Its a semi replica skin of the DRIFTWORKS DW86, ofcourse the Kuno’s version of the AE86 does not really resemble the DW86 in any way lol but personally i just like the orange color and the black bumpers so then i only needed to put on a DRIFTWORKS sticker on the doors its a simple skin but sometimes less is more lol.

It has black colored rims like the DW86, ofcourse again they dont resemble the real ones in any way lol. Added a custom license plate witch does resemble the one the DW86.

DW86 rear

Here is a picture of the original DW86 for those not familiar with it this is a really  badass moster AE86 lol. 646hp/640ft/lb at wheels (mapped by Protuner on pump fuel), 1243kg wet weight, 50.4% front weight. Engine GM 454ci LSx V8!

Driftworks DW86

Hope u guys enjoy it. Just drag and drop to assetto corsa insrtall dir or replace any of the original skins be replacing with this if u prefer 😉


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    • srry for that it was packed with wrong folder structure link updated with correct folder structure and therefor now just drag n drop into cm 😉 thnx for the headsup mate!

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