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Assetto Corsa Kuno’s Drift Track Autumn Skin

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Since i mostly drift in Assetto Corsa online in the Drifjunkies server, i spend a lot of time on the Kuno’s Drift track. I was really bored with how it looked really so i redone, reworked and updated some of the textures that were used for that track. The way i packed the files will only work if you have Content Manager installed, witch i think most of you guys already have. If for some reason you don’t use Content Manager and would like to use this skin anyway just drop a comment here and i will help you out!

It started with the fact i could not find a vao patch for this track, so i figured out how to bake my own shadows for Assetto Corsa Tracks and one thing led to another and ended up with a complete track overhaul lol. I included the vao patch in the download file!

I added autumn colors to the trees, bushes and grass. Optimized some textures to get more detail. Added some different colored curbstones and even tire bombed the safety tires you can find on some places lol Added the aiPod logo to the billboards and off course also one for Driftrjunkies. Made a funny violated police van instead of the ambulance texture.

So hope some of you might enjoy this skin and if you find anything wrong or suggestions drop in a comment!

PS: This will work online without giving checksum errors!!!

It wont affect performance whatsoever either, textures are even optimized a little!

Drift Track Autumn

Drift Track Autumn

Drift Track Autumn

Drift Track Autumn

Drift Track Autumn

Drift Track Autumn



  1. I do not have CM, because it wont work properly for me, so i would like to have it for the original AC.
    btw, it looks awesome!

  2. Drift Track Autumn JSGME MODS version

    Ok no worries mate i packed it to use with JSGME and install as a mod

    01. just unpack the file from the download and copy / paste the content inside the folder it created to Assetto Corsa installation directory typically its here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

    02. then run JSGME.exe (it should be in assettocorsa folder) this opens a window where you can activate mods, so select Drift_track_autumn and click activate! (when deactivating track wil revert back to its original state)

    thats it basicly, let me know if you have problems so we can sort it out, i didnt test it this way myself but it should work just fine!

    Drift Track Autumn MOD


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