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Assetto Corsa BMW M3 E30 Drift Missile Warrior

Assetto Corsa BMW M3 E30 Drift Missile Warrior
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So this is gonne be the last BMW M3 E30 Drift (missile) skin by PoTatO dR!FT3R for a while. Its a another missile skin. It doesnt look like it maybe but alot of time and effort went into making it look worn out used and abused daily lol. Got some nice details like broken or cracked front bumper repaired with zip ties, daylighter headlight covers, taped left mirror, broken glass in rear side window, some bolted parts and loads of drift slaps. PS i reused some of the rust and some textures from the first missile i posted for those getting a deja vu feeling lol.

BMW E30 M3 Drift Warrior 01

The Drift tuned version of E30 series is based on a stripped M3 E30 with an engine and grearbox swap from an E46 M3. The engine is capable of more than 340bhp but adds weight at the front. A completely locked rear diff, high duty coilover springs, bigger antiroll bars and lot’s of lock, make this one of the most desired drift tuned cars. Be careful though, the old rear suspension and the short wheelbase make the car quite nervous.

BMW E30 M3 Drift Warrior 02

BMW E30 M3 Drift Warrior 03

BMW E30 M3 Drift Warrior 04


Just download the file from download link below and unpack the file u just downloaded and enter the folder it created named “WARRiOR” copy/paste the folder called “content” in to Assetto Corsa install folder and it will create a new skin folder with skin name WARRiOR.

Or u can copy/paste the content inside the skin folder into a existing Kuno’s skin folder replacing the default skins so u can see them online (only you can see them yourself tho)




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