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AC License Plate – BIMMER TIME

AC License Plate - BIMMER TIMER
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So i’m working on some replacement license plates mainly for the BMW M3 E30 Drift but u can use them on other cars with same license plates i gues lol.So here is the first one! I made these myself (LoW-LiFE aka PoTatO Dr!fter) so if u want to share please provide a link to this page thank you. More to come soon! This one says “BIMMER TIME” :O lol. Just download en place the files in the BMW M3 E30 Skin folder of your choice


IMPORTANT! Rename Plate_D.dds to e.a. Plate_D.dds.original and Plate_NM.dds to Plate_NM.dds.original so u have a backup of the original plates!



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