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Kuno’s BMW M3 E30 Drift Visual Upgrade 2.0

aiPod Drifters Kunos BMW M3 E30 Drift

Ok first things first, i will say it my self  upfront, this is what a real modder (tallented people that create the 3D parts them selves or even make complete cars from scratch) would call a copy/paste mod and that is just what this is, but unlike some of the  copy/paste modders i am not going to claim any of this as my own work because it is not. Also something many of them do not do is asking original authors permission if you may use their parts especially if you are posting it public on facebook or anywhere else, so thats just what i actually did do. They often have alot of time invested in creating those parts and they just deserve a bit of respect. You can also find great 3D parts like rims, steeringwheels etc on the web that are shared for free that you may use and most times the only thing they ask of you is to credit them for it, wel thats not so hard now is it, it’s just a simple thank you or a mention in your post thats all!

Visual updated BMW M3 E30 Drift still works online!

Ok so what is this mod accactly ? Well it simply replaces the original Kunos’s BMW M3 E30 Drift model with this one,  it is only visual no data was changed or what so ever, only the .kn5 model files. I  did do some descent research about most important things on forehand and ofcourse i had to go through some trail and error for some things but i think i did not do a bad job for a copy/paste modder. Some people claimed it was driving a little bit different but that is technicallyy impossible as far as i know since physics are calculated by the data only and changing the 3D model does not change any data!

Hardest part was that i actually swapped almost everything for the GRA/DTM version so it would have the stripped interior, but to prevent checksum errors when going online everything importend needs to be working  just like the original BMW M3 E30 drift including dashboard for example and some more things that are used by it’s mesh name in the data.acd file.

Complete list of changes with credits:

  • Most parts swapped from the GRA version (Kuno’s)
  • Rims (DFZ) tires (DW) straight exhaust pipe (ISM)
  • Rear wing (ISM) animated on aero changes (LoW-LiFE)
  • Front splitter, side splitters (ISM)
  • Raised hood (LoW-LiFE) tierips (DFZ)
  • Vertex steering wheel, Bride Vios III seats (LossTunes)
  • Drift e-brake,  coolshirts box (Turn10) shifter knob (DFZ)
  • Moved license plate behind front window (LoW-LiFE)
  • 5 custom car skins including helmets (LoW-LiFE)
  • Shaved of bottom part of rear bumper (LoW-LiFE)
  • Gastank underneath (Turn10) protective bars (VDC)
  • Angrey eyes, headlight covers (UNCLE M) eyelids (Nabz)
  • Front and rear towhook (Kuno’s)
  • Rear lights new texture (VDC)
  • Interior decals (LoW-LiFE)

IMPORTANT! if you already have a similar mod installed for the BMW M3 E30 Drift, deactivate it before installing this one. Also i highly advice too make a copy of the original full folder of the BMW M3 E30 Drift and keep it in a safe place just if something goes wrong with uninstalling/deactivating and the mod not reverting back to stock again u still have it there!

How to install! If you have premium version of Content Manager you can just drag the downloaded file into CM and go to content >> mods >> select the mod and click enable and it is done. If you do not have the premium version or not using CM then unpack the downloaded file and copy all the content inside into your root Assetto Corsa folder then run the JSGME.exe and a installer will pop up same as in CM select mod  on the left and click activate and thats it.

NOTE! To use custom clothing (by Gergerger) and custom helmet skins (by LoW-LiFE) you need to rename the file called “skin.ini” to e.a. “skin.ini.bak” in each skin folder so it will not be read by ac and will then use whatever is inside the skins folder.

I did my best to keep the car optimized for online play the best i could but more parts mean more textures meaning bigger file size. It still has the lower lod files wich i obviously also needed to edit a little so lod B got a bit bigger then the original but i have a really old PC and it  does not have many frame drops that i can tell really and still runs nice and smooth for me and none of the beta testers had issues regarding this either! How ever i did not optimize the skins at all because they look so much better in 4K plus the clothing and helmets making it a whopping avarage skin size of around 54MB lol. So if u do have frame drops like if you are on a old laptop or something then yes its because of that. You could then delete gloves, suits and helmet textures and resize skins too 1K or 2K or ask me if you can’t to that.

Shout out too: nabz 3d workshop, ISM Car Special and LossTunes for most of the 3D parts i used. JohnyPumpAction and BLVCK for helping to test and bug fixing!

Ok thats it with all the talking lol. Sorry for the long post but i just wanted to cover everything i could think of. If i forgot anything or anyone, i am sorry just tell me and well sort things out!

PS: If you have a problem or issue with the mod giving errors or it is not working you can contact me and i will help sort it out. You can post a comment here, send a mail through this website’s contact form or (this is probly the fastest way to get response) on Discord (LoW-LiFE#4676)

BMW M3 E30 Drift Visual Upgrade





The “Funny” Update of the BMW M3 E30 Drift

A friend said i should try and add a real police light to the police skin so i did just that, also added a taxi sign on top of the drift taxi aswell this is just for shits and giggles i guess lol. The police lights really work you can turn them on or of also all the cars have different colored neons that can be turned on or of, theres no siren tho. also updated the rear lights to be less bright. Every car now has a different driver inside lol thought that was kinda funny too. So this is only for when you want a laugh i guess lol

The following keys can be used in game:
– Open left door: NUMPAD 8
– Open right door: NUMPAD 9
– Turn on/of neons: NUMPAD 7
– Police siren on/of: + (not the numpad one) works only ywhen you are in the police car!

drift polizei

drift taxi


If you find any bugs please let me know!

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