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Assetto Corsa | Visual Upgrade Mod BMW E30 M3 Drift

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Since Kunos did not even try to make the BMW E30 Drift version look like a real drift car and just used a stock body with physics changes only, i thought i put in my 5 cents for the ac drift community and made a visual upgrade mod that works online!! I did not add too much since i wanted  it so you can use it online without losing frames per seconds online (if u have a crappy system a few fps might be lost tho since it does make thefile slightly larger). Hope you guys enjoy this i spend quit a few hrs on it to optimize it and did it proper with all the seperate lods etc.

ADDED: Rollcage, ITB’s, Oilcooler, VIP Type Exhaust and airfilter in the headlights!!

assetto corsa visual upgrade mod bmw e30 m3

Just download the file and extract it then go into the folder that was created and copy / paste content (JSGME.exe + MOD folder) into your Assetto Corsa instal directory then run JSGME.exe and select the visual update and activate it. This does not overwrite your original files and you can uninstall it very easy the same way u installed it!

If you want to share this please use the link to this page pls and do not reupload it elsewhere if there are future updates this link will be updated



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