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Assetto Corsa Custom Shaders Patch

Assetto Corsa Custom Shaders Patch Car Lights

An extension for Assetto Corsa which started as an attempt to add some sort dynamic lighting, hence the name. Still in development, as usual.

We’d like to thank the Kunos developers for all of the effort they put into making AC such a great simulator and giving us an excellent basis for our work.


Some of features:

  • Various physics extensions by mclarenf1papa
  • Optimizations and fixes
  • Dynamic lights as part of Lighting FX
  • Weather FX: fully scriptable dynamic weather engine
  • Car extensions: reverse lights, turning signals, working odometers and more
  • >And more (full list check @ AC Patch)

Next thing to do is writing a tutorial with some of the new functions, like how to use the “nice screesnhots” function and show some optimizing settings and maybe some more stuff i can think off since all the new functions it is hard to keep track of what is what and wich does what and whats not lol.

I really love this patch because it extends Assetto Corsa with so much and is completly free i am gratefull to have this. Only thing it is know lacking of is descent documentation wich i can fully understand because it has become so big with all the exensions that it probebly has to wait untill a stable release is there. So in the mean time im going to try and share the things i know!

Assetto Corsa Custom Shaders Patch Track Lights

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