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Project Touge 0.6

Project Touge

It’s a massive 48 km lenght free roam track , designed to drift and to be run online 24/7! The goal of project is to provide exellent online drift sessions with big variaty of routes and scenarios. There is few cool spots on map you should visit! I tryed to made this track look good and run smooth on most PC. This track include 3D trees and high quality textures. Ver.0.6 includes 2 versions of track + 1 special version.

Full version is same as previous versions and have spawn point at top of the mountain at research center parking lot.
Full garden start version is same, but it has spawn point at the bottom of the mountain near Sakura Garden.
No 3D trees version – it is special version without 3D trees as suggested) I decide to add this one , so people can test their performance hit with and without 3D trees. It is include 3D sakuras on track.

Project Touge 3d Trees

v.06: Initial releace on Race Department.

  • Added 3D trees and sakuras
  • Power line added
  • New road shader and texture.
  • New structures added
  • New spawn point near Sakura garden added

Minor fixes/Known issues

  • removed bushes, will remake those completly.
  • No Ai line.
  • No replay cameras.



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