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Assetto Corsa Meihan 2020 Drift Track

Meihan 2020 Drift Track

Meihan 2020 v1.1 UPDATE by Okami and Soyo

Added minimap, fixed various issues such as z-fighting, and included an improved ai spline with 3 additional camera sets from Leonardo Ratafiá
also now includes Stereo’s Multipmap Emissive Shaders for people who do not yet have them (needed for light config to work properly)

Custom Shaders Patch Required!

Track Description:

Includes seasons, grassFX, full light config, dynamic cherry blossom trees, and more!

This is an entirely new Meihan. Built from the ground up with improved scale and elevation, making it the most accurate version available to Assetto Corsa.

Meihan 2020 is a collaboration between Okami and I. Featuring 3d work from Okami, and optimization, textures, shaders, lights, and various fixes from myself. This is project of passion. We both poured our hearts out over countless hours to create something the community can enjoy together. We hope you enjoy it!

  • Lead Track 3D Modeler: Okami
  • Trees: Originally came from Project Touge with permission from AK3D.
  • Buildings: rstRmods & Joker – rFactor Meihan.
  • Textures, Lighting, 3ds work, & more: Soyo


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