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Assetto Corsa Mario Kart Royal Raceway


Ported from the Mariokart 8 enhanced version, Royal Raceway is originally fron Mariokart 64. This track has been further enchanced and optimized specifically for Assetto Corsa. Featuring full Custom Shaders Patch support, including new shaders like water and tiling fixes that make this track look better than ever!

Despite being from a game like Mariokart, this track translates incredibly well to simulation. Offering technical corners, lots of road camber variation, and an impressively fun layout for drifting. High resolution road mesh, 32 car pit / race modes, and full ai support give you even more ways to enjoy this map. I hope you enjoying driving it as much as I do!

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Important! Custom Shaders Patch is required. To get the latest version you can best join their Discord channel! You can find latest updates in “updates-download” section!

AsettoCorsa  Custom Shaders Patch


  • Track: Nintendo (Mariokart 8)
  • Nintendo Original 3D Rip and models resource: Ray Koopa, Soyo
  • Conversion: Soyo
  • Camera’s: DarkSK: (! updated the track file with new cameras included)


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