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Assetto Corsa Kyoto Driving Park Miyabi by ADC


So I finished this off earlier in the week and figured I would release it before I forget for another week lol. This is only a practice track for the upcoming comps. Its really really fast, ADC 420 cars only JUST make it round it, so I would suggest DCGP power or up +++

Track Release: Kyoto Driving Park: Miyabi.
Loosely based off of the GT Sport track with my own twist.

I am still new to making tracks, only been doing it seriously for a few months now. so it runs fine on my PC but its really high detail, so frame rates are my only concern.


  • Drift & Open Layouts
  • Track Cams
  • New Custom Shaders Patch Features
  • 3D Moving water
  • 3D Grass (effected by wind generated by your car)
  • All 4 seasons

More info about Aussie Drift CO


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