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Assetto Corsa Akagi Mountain Pass (complex)


Mount Akagi is mentioned in the street racing manga and anime series Initial D. The portions of Gunma Route 62 [GPS Coordinates +36° 34′ 22.83″, +139° 13′ 57.56″] and Gunma Route 257 that pass by Mount Akagi are featured in numerous Initial D episodes. It is the home course of the racing team called the Akagi RedSuns.

rfactor version by Project KAIDO
Rework and build by Black Velvet Tzenamo


  • 3 layouts (downhill/uphill/freeroam)
  • textures/materials
  • drift/touge map
  • original track
  • tarmac/asphalt
  • light config
  • 20 pit boxes
  • all seasons
  • replay cams
  • vao config
  • ghost mode
  • grassfx
  • hotlap
  • radar
  • map

NOTE! Extract the “extension” file into your main game directory to ensure that all of the VAO patches/grassFX/smoke and Light config are installed.

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  1. Akagiyama — Actually a real mountain used in the 90s by a lot of street racers, not only from Initial D…

    • Ok thnx for extra info i just wanted to add a descent description and i had to google it and only found what i wrote there if i remeber correctly lol

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