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DCGP 2020 Car Mod Pack


2020 Car pack is live!

Before you install new cars, please delete old ones before.
Otherwise it may cause issues.
Additional files in car pack’s folder are made for people who don’t have car shaders (it is must have to make Sti running).

And with it, new models and physics!

We’ve added:

  • Mustang
  • Toyota Supra
  • BMW e21
  • James Deane’s HGK’s Eurofighter replica to BMW e92

We’ve changed:

  • all cars suspension and handling!
  • some cars engine – powerline and sound
  • some minor issues and bugs

Enjoy and feel free to leave your feedback.
You can tell us about your issues with car pack at our Discord. Any found bug we will try to fix before next season.

Big thanks to:
Jakub Artur Kolodziejczyk – for his hard work with car physics and setupwise
Łukasz Jarecki – for his amazing job with new 3d car models, that looks amazing

More info you can find here:


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  1. Hi, I am trying to download the dcgp 2020 cars and the dcgp track pack from AC Pro, I’m using the install through content manager but it’s coming up as failed with error – Cant download file: google drive quota exceeded..

    I’m getting it in a few different car packs and tracks but others are fine.

    Any way around this?

    • hi, i reuploaded the pack too a different file host and updated the link. Try downloading it again now from the download button on the bottom of this post above, should work. If u having more of this issue on any of our download on this website post a comment in those aswell and i will reupload them too different file host aswell’ Hope this helps 😀

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