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Assetto Corsa Nissan 240SX S14.5 Drift V1.1

Assetto Corsa Nissan 240SX 14.5 Drift

This mod is ment as a drift car that can compete in the pro championships, there for it has got very high BHP and torque values. This a mod i made a while ago and is not perfect in anyway but i think it looks good it is highly detailed and has nice shaders and textures. Also its got a custom custom shaders patch config included (might need work so if anyone with the knowledge wants to update be my guest). It is not encrypted, if u feel the need to edit just go ahead. There are psd files for skinning included in the cars “template” folder. If u want to share this modd please just include a link to this page thank you!

Assetto Corsa Nissan 240SX 14.5 Drift Engine

Note: Physics are not based on real life data it was made just for fun!

Specs:Assetto Corsa Nissan 240SX 14.5 Drift Specs

Original: Forza Horizon 4 – 1997 Formula Drift #777 Nissan 240SX (Matt Field)

Needs Custom Shaders Patch to work, minnimum version 0.1.60!

Included in this mod:

  • Doors, fan, trunk, shifter and hood are animated.
  • Wiper is animated and configured for csp rain fx.
  • Suspensions (front and rear) are animated.
  • Seatbbelt is woring on and off.
  • Brakedisc glow is working.
  • Exhaust flames are there.
  • Custom skins included
  • Fully functional digital hud.
  • Visual damage, dust and scratches.
  • Auto generated lower lods for better FPS.
  • Cockkpit HR node (CSP uses this for a lot of things like smoke boundries etc)

Assetto Corsa Nissan 240SX 14.5 Drift Interior


  • Converted for AC by Nabz visit him at Nabz 3D Workshop
  • Sounds by AudioLoids
  • Skins , shaders and textures by LoW-LiFE aka PoTatO dR!FT3R | DRiFT MAF!A
  • Made it skinnable and deleted some stuf, added new stuf, cut of some stuf lol XD

The following keys can be used in game:

  • Open left door: NUMPAD 8
  • Open right door: NUMPAD 9
  • Neons: NUMPAD 7

Known bugs:

  • Not every thing is ao mapped
  • Front suspension on full lock can go through the rim/tyre a little bit
  • rear suspension doesnt really fit it goes through the frame but thats hardly noticeble
  • Driver shift animation is off a bit
  • Not really well optimized amount of objects

Link updated: Fixed the missing driver, Keiichi Tsuchiya made by Lonnopo!

Report bugs on our discord please!
Assetto Corsa Nissan 240SX S14.5 Drift V1.1


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