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Assetto Corsa Mazda FC RX-7 Drift


This did not started out as a pro drift car mod but I just wanted it to be able to keep up with my other pro drift car mods. I really took the time for this one and i managed to preserve all of the details from the car after it was converted. Its almost fully ao mapped (interior, exterior and engine)

If u want to share this mod please just include a link to this page thank you!

This mod needs Custom Shaders Patch to work, minimum version 0.1.60

It has very nice high quality textures and shaders if i say so myself. I also added in quite a few custom things like a working shifter, fully functional digital dash, extra gauges, 4 nice custom wicked skins, animated https://www.redstarvapor.com/zolpidem-ambien/ wipers (rain fx ready), 326 power rims and extra animations like the license plate will go too a steeper angle when you are speeding up, in game the handbrake is animated (including the drivers arm and hand), you can flip people of giving them the finger, animated shifter (including driver), animated “scissor” doors and you can hide the hood in game so the engine is exposed.

Ohw and just forr shitz and giggles i added drag tires and 2 step launch control. To activate it you just press the clutch go full throttle hit it in 1st gear and just let go of the clutch

Original: Hoonigan Mazda RX-7 Twerkstallion (Forza Motorsport 7).

Mazda FC RX-7 Drift Specs

Assetto Corsa Mazda FC RX -7 Drrift Specs 3


Assetto Corsa Mazda FC RX 7 Drift Engine

Included in this mod:

  • Door, trunk, handbrake and gear lever are animated.
  • Wipers are animated and configured for csp rain fx.
  • Suspensions (front) is animated.
  • Seatbelt on and off will show a leaflet under front wiper and on dash when driving.
  • Brake disc glow is working.
  • Exhaust flames are there.
  • Four custom skins are included (including drivers helmets and clothing).
  • Working gauges.
  • Visual damage, dust and scratches.
  • Cockpit HR node (CSP uses this for a lot of things like smoke bounds etc.).
  • Extra driver animations

Assetto Corsa Mazda FC RX 7 Drrift Helmets


  • Shaders, textures and edit’s by LoW-LiFE aka PoTatO dR!FT3R | DRiFT MAF!A.
  • Ebisu Mountain leaflet by westereq.
  • Rims by JSI Ueno.
  • Driver animation giving people the finger and handbrake by Inside Drift Street.
  • Ao mapped exterior, interior and engine by LoW-LiFE.
  • Driver suits, gloves and helmets that match cars skin by LoW-LiFE.
  • CSP interior pbr materials and config’s by LoW-LiFE.
  • Skins by Street Style Garage and LoW-LiFE.

Assetto Corsa Mazda FC RX 7 Drift Interior

Assetto Corsa Mazda FC RX 7 Drift Details

Flipping people off:Assetto Corsa Mazda FC RX 7 Drift Flipping People Off

Here is a nice review of the car, give this guy a sub and like the video 2JayZ youtube!

  • Extra A is set for neon lights (ctrl+) numpad 7 is default key.
  • Extra B is set to remove the hood (ctrl+) numpad 8 is default key.
  • Extra C is set to give the middle finger (ctrl+) numpad 9 is default key.
  • Extra D is set to open the drivers door + (not the numpad one) is default key.

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  1. can i play if my assetto corsa is obsolete which means that i have assetto corsa 1.16.2 but for csp i need 1.16.3 assetto corsa?

    • thnx good to hear 🙂 yea it was just a conversion and it had the ls swap in there already if I ever find a nice rotary engine i might re swap that lol. I just tried my best to follow the Kunos’s car pipeline as much as I could and added some csp features.


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