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Assetto Corsa 2018 Ford Mustang RTR Drift

Assetto Corsa 2018 Fors Mustang RTR Drift

This Ford Mustang RTR here is something i did not expect to share because i made it for my mates personal drift team called Long Lost Drifters but they got so much nice responses to it they decided to make it public for every one to enjoy. So we hope you like and rip it around the tracks!

Original : Mustang RTR “Vaughn Gittin Jr #25” Forza Horizon 4

Assetto Corsa 2018 For Mustang RTR Drift Engine

Edit/conversion by LoW-LiFE aka PoTatO dR!FT3R | DRiFT MAFIA

  • Removed original decals and made it skinable.
  • fixed most texture details (like rivets, seat stickers, rasters on the rear and many more).
  • Added body ao, rims ao, ennginebay ao, trunkbay ao and interior ao.
  • Added proper brakedisc textures and shader, so now brakedisc glow works aswell.
  • Added cockpit hr and added interior parts inside the dummy (csp uses it for smoke boundries etc).
  • Animated gearshift, hood, doors, trunk fans, and whipers (ready for rain fx).
  • Visual body damage, dust, scratches and broken windows .
  • Custom shaders patch extension configs (different for each skin).
  • A few custom skins by LoW-LiFE aka PoTatO dR!FT3R.

Assetto Corsa 2018 Ford Mustang RTR Drift Innterior

Activate animations in game some https://elev8cannabis.com/ambien/ probaly have settings without alt so try both!

  • (alt)++ (not the numpad one): opens hood.
  • (alt)+7 (numpad): Activate neons.
  • (alt)+8 (numpad): Opens left (driver) door.
  • (alt)+9 (numpad): opens trunk.
  • Version with no hood works in game only (shows a hood in showroom) .

Assetto Corsa 20 Ford-Mustang RTR Drift Specs

Report bugs on our discord please!!!!!


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