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SimHub Dash

SimHub is a modular multi sim dashboard, You may compose your very own dash DashStudio is now compatible together with your favorite tablet, telephone, or USBD480 display screen (Z1, G drive LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY ..). Simhub is customisable! Most of the behaviours and shows could be custom-made utilizing GUI.

You can use any combination of supported elements like :

  • Up to six Simple eight * 7 segments modules
  • Up to 6 TM1638 module : eight * 7 segments modules and leds (TM1638)
  • Rgb Leds
  • Led matrix gear indicator
  • 7 section dedicted gear indicator
  • LCD Support
  • Nextion LCD touchscreen
  • And rising !

A massive variety of supported video games :

  • Assetto Corsa
  • IRacing
  • ProjectCars/ProjectCars2
  • Codemasters games (Filth four, Grime 2,Grime 3, Dirt Rally, F1 20XX)
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 / American Truck simultator
  • RRE
  • Rfactor1
  • Automobilista (using Rfactor1 plugin)
  • Rfactor2
  • LFS
  • RBR
  • GTR1
  • GT Legends
  • GTR2 / Race
  • Race07
  • Trackmania
  • War thunder
  • CSGO
  • Dota 2

* Some video games have lacking knowledge and doesn’t provide full SimHub options.

I don’t give help for non legit game copies.

What ? You did not found what you where in search of ? Still lot of possibilities !

  • Maybe it is already available ! Ask for help I will be completely satisfied to answer you !
  • You can create new information using simple furmula engine, maybe you have been simply lacking tires temp in Fahrenheit … You can add it by your self !
  • Still not enough ! A C# Plugin SDK is offered for extensibility. SimHub offers you recreation data, use it for what you need ! Beginning your coffee machine whenever you’re going via your 15th lap needs to be possible !
    Though I believe that it’s already potential in some ways

simhud Dash


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  1. I peronally love this one, i am using a Waveshare 10″ LCD touch screen to show the gauges. I have other similar apps like VDash EMU and Z1 Dash but this one seems to be the least resource intensive and doesnt make my game drop FPS or lag ….

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